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Maine must be ready to roll out ranked choice voting for June primaries

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The second most important election of 2018 is this June in Maine

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Maine Court Urged to Institute Ranked-Choice Voting:

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On the Road to Making our Democracy more Democratic

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Ranked Choice Voters submit signatures for “people’s veto” ballot initiative

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Maine ranked-choice supporters say they have enough signatures to force a new vote

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Here is where Ranked Choice Voting is working


  • Arkansas (only overseas voters in runoffs): Adopted in 2005, used since 2006.
  • Alabama (only overseas voters in primary runoff): By agreement with a federal court, used in special election for U.S. House, 2013, and then established as law in 2015 for all federal primaries.
  • California: Adopted in Berkeley in 2004 and fused since 2010 in elections for mayor, city council and city auditor. Adopted in Oakland in 2006 and used since 2010 for 18 offices, including mayor and city council. Adopted in San Francisco in 2002 and used since 2004 for all elections to Board of Supervisors, mayor and six other citywide offices. Adopted in San Leandro in 2000 charter amendment and first used in 2010 and every two years since for mayor and city council.
  • Colorado: Adopted in Telluride in 2008 and used in 2011 and 2015 mayoral elections. Adopted in Basalt in 2002 and to be used in any mayoral election with more than three candidates.
  • Louisiana (only overseas and out-of-state military voters in federal and state general election elections): Adopted and used since the 1990s.
  • Maine: Adopted in Portland in 2010 and used in 2011 and 2015 mayoral elections.
  • Maryland: Adopted in Takoma Park in 2006 and used since 2007 for elections to mayor and city council.
  • Minnesota: Adopted in Minneapolis in 2006 and used in 2009, 2013 and 2017 in elections for 22 offices, including mayor and city council. Adopted in St. Paul in 2009, used since 2011 to elect mayor and city council.
  • New Mexico Adopted in Santa Fe in 2008 and used to elect the mayor and city council in 2018.
  • South Carolina (only for overseas voters in federal and state primary runoffs): Adopted and used since 2006 in federal and state primary elections.


  • Australia: to elect its House of Representatives since 1919 and to elect most state and territory lower houses.
  • The Republic of Ireland: to elect its president since 1922.
  • United Kingdom: Used to elect mayor of London since 2000 (with voters limited to two rankings) and several other city mayors. Used in vacancy elections in Northern Ireland and in local elections in Scotland
  • New Zealand: Used to elect mayor of several cities, including the capital city of Wellington since 2003.

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Our View: Future of initiative process rides on Ranked Choice Voting

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